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I'm Jayna Morrow, and I'm so excited to introduce you all to my debut series with Prism Book Group. The Sweet Home, Texas series is about five brothers - Garrett, Gabriel, Holden, Henry, and Eli. Come along on this journey with me...


(#1 Sweet Home, Texas series)

 "You can make plans, but the Lord's purpose will prevail." Proverbs 19:21

Sparks fly when Micara Lee and Garrett Hearth meet for the first time at a city hall meeting, where she tries once again to save the small town she loves from land developers. She believes Garrett Hearth, from one of the town's founding families, is on her side. They begin to fall in love, but eventually the truth comes out.            
Disenchanted with his career, Sweet Home, and life in general, Garrett is ready to cash in and get out of town for good. He isn't prepared for his attraction to Micara or her beautiful spirit. It isn't long before her unyielding faith rubs off on him and he starts to see the world around him differently. His faith restored, he and Micara then work as a team to save the legacy of Sweet Home, Texas.


$2.99 Ebook/8.99 Print

(#2 Sweet Home, Texas series)

Return to Sweet Home, Texas!

High school administrator, Sparrow Walker, has just moved into a rent house close to Sweet Home High. Most of the Hearth family eagerly welcomes her to town. But the eldest son – workaholic and heart-shy Gabriel – isn’t too pleased about his son’s pushy principal living next door.

Sparrow’s concerned determination could prove to be Gabriel’s saving grace…if she can convince him to go along with her plan. Proud and private Gabriel isn’t exactly willing, so Sparrow turns the tables – using her behavior management tactics on him! With her program in place, this time for the parent instead of the student, it’s up to Gabriel to make the next move and risk falling in love again. If he can’t, he just might lose the one woman strong enough to love a man like him.