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Free Book!

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My resource for writers - Book Writing for the Rest of Us: The Layering Process - will be FREE July 11-15. Visit Amazon to download your FREE copy!

Tell a Story Day by Linda Carroll-Bradd

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Tell A Story Day by Linda Carroll-Bradd

I love this holiday. Every time I’m ready to start a new story, I think about what story I want to tell. I most often start with the heroine because as a female, that’s whose life I share the most with. Not to say I know exactly what living in the 1860s, 1870s, or 1880s is like, but I’ve read a lot of stories set in those times and I love, Love, LOVE visiting museums.

My goal is always to create characters with real problems who struggle to find a solution. I most often develop characters who led quiet lives but were essential in the eyes of a few precious people. Usually the hero I create as the love interest is the absolutely wrong person in everyone else’s opinion but ends up being exactly who the heroine needs. In that way, I serve as a matchmaker and wonder if such people get as much satisfaction as I do from seeing the couple grow closer and their bond strengthen.

Here are a couple examples:

The Ring That Binds: 1886 Aspen, Colorado—Widow Celina Innes struggles to run her dress shop and hopes to provide a wonderful Christmas for her 4-year-old daughter, Keena. Mikel Toussaint has watched her efforts from his general store across the street, offering help whenever he can. Illness strikes Keena and the two bond as they tend the child. Can their connection be sustained once the crisis is over?


Gingerbread Wishes: A new life awaits as soon as Tora sells the family-run bakery. All she’s known is Dorado, Texas and she can’t wait to explore new possibilities outside the city limits. But when she connects with the chocolate brown gaze of widower Jordan Dawson, she suddenly wonders about getting acquainted.

Back in his hometown to open a sporting goods store, Jordan wants to provide his daughter with life in a close-knit community. When the friendly baker sparks his interest, he sets off a campaign to keep her in town. Will Tora give him a chance?


Learn more about Linda and her writing from her website. www.lindacarroll-bradd.com

Find her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Linda-Carroll-Bradd-author/440814942635289

Attention for Aspiring Authors

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Search for me on the internet, o’ readers, and know my every waking move!

The search engines are revving into high gear. What’s trending? You. The likes on Facebook are rolling in every time you sit down and post about your work in progress. They are eager to hear your thoughts, see where you check in, and observe your ways. Even when you aren’t online, your fans are thinking about your books and eagerly awaiting your next release. They follow you on Twitter because your intellectual ravings keep them entertained all day. The glamorous life of a bestseller is more wonderful than you can ever imagine. Enjoy it. You’ve earned it.

Now wake up.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the glitz and glamour of the writing life. The view from outside is often skewed. More often than not, writers never achieve this level of success. While self-publishing has given more people a chance at the ultimate prize, it’s also diluted the market to the point where only a miniscule amount of writers can make even enough money to write full-time. Forget about fame and fortune.

You may be wondering why God would give you a burning desire to write but not pave the way for success. I know I do. Things are happening for me, but very slowly. I may never achieve the ultimate dream I have for myself, but I will never stop writing. It’s all about the writing. Fame and fortune would be nice. I pray that is God’s plan for me, but I will not stop writing no matter what.

Which brings me back to fame and fortune….and Psalms. Psalm 139:1-18 to be exact.

Search me, O God, and know my heart!

We are all in this writer’s journey together. Each of us has a crucial role in God’s plan. No matter if you never make a dime as a writer, or become a household name, or hit the bestseller lists – know this: Jesus has friended you, He follows you, and you are trending in His house. The Lord keeps tabs on your every waking move. He is your biggest fan. Who can ask for more than that?

Pencil Day with Guest Blogger, Gay N. Lewis

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In my makeup drawer and on my desk---Pencils!

Let’s all celebrate the creation of the pencil!

I use them every day. To help my face, I have one to line eyes, another to color brows, and one to contour lips.

You wouldn’t want to see me in the morning before I use these pencils.

I have the popular number two pencil at my desk to jot notes. Sometimes I write grocery lists, and other moments I make notes about a novel in progress. A pencil sharpener sits nearby to keep pencils ready to write.

This wonderful device was created over 150 years ago, and with it, came the tool for the common man to communicate.

It’s Hymn Lipman’s brainchild. He gave us the first pencil with an eraser on March 30, 1858, and wow! Was that ever a handy-dandy invention? You betcha it was. Back in school days, where would I have been without that little gadget at the end? My teachers would have used a lot more of her red pencil if I hadn’t had an eraser option.

We call them lead pencils but in truth they are graphite, a form of carbon. By the time humans learned our pencils were made with carbon, it was too late. The name “Lead Pencil” remained wedged in our minds.

We take pencils for granted, but how are they made?

When a tree destined to become a pencil reaches the minimum age of fourteen years, it is eligible to be felled and cut into logs for writing devices. None of the tree is wasted. Left over lumber, leaves and roots are left to fertilize the earth.

Logs are cut into small slats, and these are treated to become dry and soft. Without this procedure, pencils couldn’t be sharpened.

Within the slat, a groove is carved to fit the carbon, or lead. The coloring, carbon, and glue go into the slat. Then another slat is placed on top to make a sandwich. After going through a heat process, the two slats meld into one.

The product is then cut to the desired length and packaged to sell.

Let’s give a round of applause for the everyday pencil! It’s a good thing to celebrate.

Where would these books be without a pencil?

Gay N. Lewis
Sarah: A Mission of Love
Sarah: Laney's Angel

Sarah and the Widow's Mate

Sunday with Dvora Waysman

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Today marks the start of a Sunday Author feature on my blog. Every Sunday, I plan on featuring one of the very talented authors at Prism Book Group. I'm kicking things off with an author so prolific, one of her books has been made into a movie! I'm so pleased to be a part of the same publishing family as this talented lady. Without further ado, everyone meet DVORA WAYSMAN:

Dvora Waysman was born Dorothy Opas in Melbourne, Australia. She came to live in Israel with herhusband and four children in 1971. They now have 18 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren , all living in Israel. Today, her home is in Jerusalem.

She is widely known as a teacher of Creative Writing and a syndicated journalist. She is the author of 13 published books, the most recent ones being “The Pomegranate Pendant” (now a movie under the title of “The Golden Pomegranate”); its sequel “The Seeds of the Pomegranate”; “Esther” – a Jerusalem |Love Story; “In A Good Pasture” and my memoir “My Long Journey Home.”

She has received several literary awards – the “For Jerusalem” citation by the late Mayor Teddy Kollek for fiction, articles and poems about Jerusalem; and the Seef Award from the Society for Justice, Ethics and Morals as “Best Foreign Correspondent”. Na’amat Women, in USA did her the honor of selecting her as “The Israeli woman who has made a difference in literature.”

In the past, she has served as Press Officer of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem.

Her latest novel, Autumn Blessing, is available at allo fine online retailers including Amazon.

Autumn can be a desolate season. For Dorothy, after losing her husband, the autumn of her life stretches before her lonely and uncertain. But a change, a new hobby, and new friends prove this new season to be bountiful with blessings.

Get a FREE copy today on Amazon!

Sweet Memories

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My youngest daughter, Ella, and I enjoy doll crafting. At least once a week, we choose a craft and make it a reality. I have numerous videos on my YouTube channel, including a new one featuring the candy shop above. Check them out! Ella watches doll craft tutorials by her favorite doll crafter, My Froggy Stuff, and chooses a project. I wield the glue gun. The result is something fabulous for her dolls. But there's more to it than that. We are also creating memories that will last a lifetime. When she's older, I want her to look back fondly and remember all the quality time we spent together crafting. My daughters are my greatest blessings. Doll crafting is one of the many ways we cherish our time together.

Any doll crafters out there?

10 Commandments of Writing

Posted on February 5, 2014 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (6)

1. Thou shalt set aside time to write every day.

2. Thou shalt set a daily word count goal and stick to it.

3. Thou shalt follow the path of the Hero's Journey.

4. Thou shalt create memorable characters.

5. Thou shalt retain a unique voice.

6. Thou shalt capture readers from the start and hold them captive until The End.

7. Thou shalt "write tight" and endeavor to improve the craft of writing with every book.

8. Thou shalt remain thick-skinned through the editing process and refer to commandment #7 when in doubt.

9. Thou shalt put only God and family before writing. Make writing a priority.

10. Thou shalt do unto fellow authors as you would have them do unto you.

Here are the links:Paula Mowery on Creative Christian Writers Crank Up http://ccwcu.blogspot.com/Delia Latham on Write Right! http://www.delialatham.wordpress.comClare Revell on The World Can Wait http://telscha.blogspot.co.uk/Jayna Morrow on JaynaMorrow.com http://www.jaynamorrow.com/apps/blog/ Brooksie on Groovie Brooksie www.grooviebrooksie.blogspot.comLilly Maytree at http://www.lillymaytree.blogspot.comLinda Yezak at 777 Peppermint Place http://lindayezak.com/ Julia M. Toto on JuliaMToto.com http://www.juliamtoto.com/#!Ten-Commandments-of-Writing-Inspirational-Fiction-click-here/c1wao/7621A019-97B0-4FAF-BCFD-1A2A3689C0CECreative Christian Writers' Crank Upccwcu.blogspot.comChoose a sticker or emoticon


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